Good Looks+Good Heart

This young man Kyle Dominic C. Credo is not only good-looking, but good at heart too… He has helped my paralyzed husband in slowly recovering through PT.. He is the son of Drs. Credo at the Silliman University Medical Center, and currently working at the PT Department of the Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital, which is now a highly developed hospital facility for the poor in this province. Thanks to you young man! God bless you!
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Heart Gripping

Jenna (not her real name) was detained pregnant…. She had been well taken cared of, and in fact was always checked by local health center nurses and midwives, all through nine (9) months.

When Jenna delivered her baby ( a cute li’l angel) nobody in the family seemed to care to get the baby. We dialled a few numbers… got rejected; we tried to reach the families from both sides – – – – nada. So hurting… so heart-gripping. How could such irresponsible people not think of what might become of their offspring before making a BIG LEAP, especially when one of the partners is tied … and also a detainee?

I’ve never been so helpless, but then, had to find a way to make things right accordingly. GOD help us!


Our Hospital; the NOPH

     It’s been quite a while since my husband succumbed to a craniectomy; at least 2 years and 4 months today. For over a year, he had not undergone the benefit of a physical therapy due to financial constraints, the reason he had been clamouring to have one soonest because he desperately wanted to go back to teaching. I was so desperate to look for money for the said therapy until I was told by one of our family friend, and a BCBP  (Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals) brother, that said services could be availed cheap at the Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital.  Come to think of it, a session per therapy costs five hundred (PhP 500.00) to six hundred (PhP 600.00) which could drain our finances even more.

     So, today, I tried by luck to go to the said hospital, taking with me my limping husband (right body part paralysis) and lined up for priority. It was not even 5 seconds when I was approached by the interns telling us to wait for the In-Charge…. Not even a minute, the In-Charge came and took the name of my husband….. I never really thought that they are offering services as the said therapy, much even so with therapists sooooo accommodating. There was not a minute that I could hear one grumble, or raise a voice to patients, but they were all teeth… smiling…. so kind.  I regret the past days and the year that I have not resorted for a checkup at the said hospital, and even paid a meager of one hundred (PhP 100.00).

     Now, all the poor inhabitants of this Island; the province of Negros Oriental could avail a pride in quality of service and hi-end medical equipment at the Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital without tearing their pockets.  Kudos to you all NOPH-PTs! GOD Bless y’all!

Working in a JAIL….

fd with fr durana         Dealing with people with different behaviors from different walks of life, especially those behind bars, is the most challenging task of all.  As a two-decade experienced jail officer, having juggled several positions is a golden experience… a treasure. Because Jail is an avenue where an officer can become the mother, a sister, brother; a counselor, a doctor,  and even a lawyer (well, of course some of us had been designated as Paralegal).           But the most fascinating of all, are the stories of every lives of every individual inside the jail facilities. Though it is but natural for these individuals to feel so glum about the fate they have had, the stories that they share with US in the custodial field is a kaleidoscope….




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What these photos are telling…..  Jails does not only cater sane people… With my experience, we have had mentally-challenged under our care and it has been all too overwhelming to take care of different behavioral patterns.