Pampering One’s Self this Seasons

Christmas is the season of every year celebrated around the world with awe and  anticipation, for it is a season where we are expectant to receive gifts whether through exchange, by our god-parents, and friends.  But what we miss most of all is the gift we give to ourselves. All the hard-work and  a stress-driven life, we deserve a-pampering, especially now that days are counting, listening to every tick of the clock ’til Christmas Day.  Give yourself a beautiful Y-O-U at Your Own Undertaking..



A Gift for Ourselves…

Buy yourself a GIFT…

Oftentimes we FAIL to foresee what happens tomorrow, today, an hour or a minute from now. We work all the time and it seemed work just never ends. We earn.. we spend,  and at times spending is limitless without even giving ourselves back. This season, as Christmas, is approaching and the year-end bonus is almost at-hand, why not give ourselves a pampering? We deserve something to hold and say, “This has been a part of my hardships, a part of my overtime works, and eye-popping nights in safeguarding our clientele”. We all deserve a gift… spare a dime and do yourself a pampering, TODAY!


What Defines a JAIL OFFICER


SJO1 Elmer Pino – A Civil Engineer in profession, became “the Male Midwife and/or Nurse”, rushed our PDL to the Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital to give birth. He was accompanied by JO2 Agnes Ege, who is also a teacher in profession. Apparently, the PDL gave birth along the way to the hospital and was laid down on a dust-covered floor, pillowing on a spare tire. They had to stop by at a co-Jail Officer’s house of JO2 Caren Cahjoy Cuevas who happens to be a Nurse and was on off duty, who
greatly helped them on the delivery of a very cute wriggling-little baby. Now, whose heart could never be gripped with pity? That’s WHO we are….. JAIL OFFICERS in the CALL OF DUTY.


Good Looks+Good Heart

This young man Kyle Dominic C. Credo is not only good-looking, but good at heart too… He has helped my paralyzed husband in slowly recovering through PT.. He is the son of Drs. Credo at the Silliman University Medical Center, and currently working at the PT Department of the Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital, which is now a highly developed hospital facility for the poor in this province. Thanks to you young man! God bless you!
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Heart Gripping

Jenna (not her real name) was detained pregnant…. She had been well taken cared of, and in fact was always checked by local health center nurses and midwives, all through nine (9) months.

When Jenna delivered her baby ( a cute li’l angel) nobody in the family seemed to care to get the baby. We dialled a few numbers… got rejected; we tried to reach the families from both sides – – – – nada. So hurting… so heart-gripping. How could such irresponsible people not think of what might become of their offspring before making a BIG LEAP, especially when one of the partners is tied … and also a detainee?

I’ve never been so helpless, but then, had to find a way to make things right accordingly. GOD help us!